iPhone/iPad Apps

Below is our list of useful apps for the iPhone and iPad. If you have any app suggestions for our list, please email them to sdanner2@kumc.edu

App NameShort DescriptionPriceCategory
ArithmarooCounting: associating numbers with amounts1.99Math
Art of GlowMake lovely patterns to play and stare at. Soothing, sensory.0.99Entertainment
ArtikPixPractic sounds targeted in speech therapy with flashcards, memory games. Child can record own coice and listen. Buy for $29.99 loaded with sounds or free and add sounds as child is ready.29.99Education
BOB Books #1: Reading MagicBuild and read sentences through drag-letters-into-place word building and animated picture prompts.1.99
Chalkboard Pro for iPadSimple drawing app on "chalkboard" background0.99
DotToDot numbers & lettersCounting in sequence1.99
Draw With StarsAnimated drawing & methodical erasingFREE
DrawFreeMagnadoodle-like simple drawingFREE
Epic WinStreamlined to-do list, with a role-playing spin.2.99
Faces iMakeFun, free-form collage making1.99
First Then Visual ScheduleCreate digital visual schedules with several format options9.99
FirstWords DeluxeSpelling in an error-free environment4.99
Fruit Memoryconcentration, turn taking. Multiple or single player, choose number of tiles. Fun, cute!0.99
GraceSimple picture exchange system developed by & for non-verbal people37.99
Hand DrumsDrums are a logical step for the touch based iPad interface. Big, realistic-looking drums.0.99
iCommPicture and voice communication aid for childrenFREE
iCommunicate for iPadAn AAC app: create icons with custom text, audio, and voice-over, incorporate them into storyboards49.99
iDress for WeatherPick appropriate clothes for current weather conditions. For individuals with disabilities, an educational tool for children, or just for fun.1.99
iEarnedThatA puzzle-based reward system that uses custom images1.99
iWriteWordsGuided handwriting with a really fun, reinforcing interface2.99
Look in My EyesMotivate your child to look people in the eyes2.99
ModelMe Kids: Going PlacesHelping learn to navigate challenging community locations through slide shows of children modeling appropriate behavior.FREE
Monkey Preshool LunchboxA collection of learning activities -- concentration, matching, sorting, color identification, first letter correspondence0.99
My first TangramsAn adaptation for kids of the famous Tangram game.1.99
NeoPaulNatural-sounding text-to-speech (male voice)FREE
OneVoiceturns the iPad into an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device199.9
ProloQuo2goFull-featured augmentative & alternative (AAC) communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking189.9
Question BuilderLearn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. For readers.3.99
QuickCuesSocial scripts that help people on the autism spectrum handle new situations & learn new skills4.99
Rosita's Jump CountShake the iPad to count Rosita's jumps - in English and Spanish1.99
Sentence BuilderLearn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference. For readers.3.99
ShapeBuilderAn errorless click-and-drag puzzle0.99
SoundingBoardUser-friendly app for creation of individualized picture communication boards (1-9 pics per page) with natural voice recording.49.99
SoundTouchTouch cartoons of animals, vehicles, etc. to see real-life photos & sounds2.99
Speech with Milo: VerbsTeaches verbs with animated examples and text reinforcement2.99
Splish Splash InnCounting in English, Spanish, & French0.99
Stack the StatesLearn 50 states trivia via shape-matching and a stacking game. Non-readers will need support. Fun.0.99
Stories2LearnCreate custom social stories, using your own photos, text, and voiceover13.99
Story Builder1) Improve paragraph formation; 2) Improve integration of ideas; 3) Improve higher level abstactions by inference. For readers.3.99
SuperNovaPracticing pinch-and-expand motions0.99
Tap Speak buttonRecord messages, use switch-function button to play them back14.99
Tappy TunesTap out favorite songs in the rhythm of your choosing1.99
The Monster at the End of This BookLovable, Furry old Grover! Animation/interactivity, dynamic word highlighting3.99
Thomas Game PackThomas the Tank Engine & his friends. Match games, puzzles, and mazes.2.99
Twinkle Twinkle Storybook PianoLearn to play songs by following the colored keys on a keyboard1.99
US Puzzle MapClick-and-drag states into place; state names said out loud for non-readers.2.99
Whizzit 1-2-3Practice 1:1 correspondence/counting, with fun balloon-popping breaks0.99
Word MagicSight word-based spelling and reading via fill-in-the-blank letters0.99
Zanny - Born to RunInteractic, rhythmic story about a boy who just can't stop! Comes with a game that targets facial expression identification2.99