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Universal Positive Behavior Support for the Classroom

May 02, 2012 -- 2:44 pm
Lori Newcomer University of Missouri
To date, over 7,000 schools are implementing schoolwide systems of positive behavior support (SWPBS). At the universal/primary tier, these schools create a foundation of support to prevent problem behavior and academic failure for all students. This preventive approach can decrease the frequency of problem behaviors and reduce the development of more serious problems with students at risk. For those students who do not respond to the universal supports, secondary and tertiary interventions extend the continuum of supports available to improve social and academic outcomes. A crucial setting for primary systems of support is the classroom; however, primary supports at the classroom level often receive the least amount of attention and present the greatest inconsistencies in implementation. If schools are to maximize efforts at the primary level, universal systems of support in the classroom must be addressed. To read the entire article, please click: or download the Newsletter below.

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