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Jun 27, 2012 -- 3:33 pm
This information was shared with us by Phoebe Rinkel from KITS:
Make Friends with Autism
This 14 minute video follows children with autism spectrum disorders ages 4-14 as they participate in social activities and routines in the community. One purpose of the video is to make businesses more aware of how they can offer a welcoming and supportive environment to families and children with disabilities. The initiative is a joint effort between the Children's Specialized Hospital of Mountainside New Jersey and Kohl's KidsAbilities Program. At the website below you will find full and abridged versions of the video (in English and Spanish), print resources, and practical resources for businesses, recreation providers, and friends and family members.

Friends Like You. Friends Like Me is community-outreach initiative of the Children's Specialized Hospital designed to educate children about autism spectrum disorder and provide tools to facilitate friendships among children. It focuses on elementary age students and was developed to encourage recognition of similarities, reinforce the common desire to be accepted and have friends, demystify autism in an age-appropriate manner, and promote inclusion, respect, and friendship between children of all abilities. A 22 minute film offers strategies and resources to encourage interactions and friendships in school environments as well as in the general community. The website offers free, downloadable materials to support and extend concepts and strategies from the video that can be incorporated into a school's existing character education curriculum.

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