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Possible Explanations Behind The Autistic Struggle to Understand Social Skills

Aug 14, 2012 -- 6:48 am
By James Williams

Of the many issues that autistic people face that impact their daily lives, probably the one category of issues that impacts them the most are social issues. The inability to easily make friends, follow the social rules that govern our society, and have enough social sense to navigate the different institutions in our world greatly impact an autistic person’s ability to succeed in life, and impacts their quality of life heavily.

At the same time, those social rules differ highly in different social settings, and in different cultures, societies, and communities. Although differences exist between neurotypical people and autistic people all over the world, virtually every person is born into a culture, society, family, community, and country. Each person grows up within that family and community, and hopefully develops strong social ties within that community and gains acceptance in their family. I was born in the United States of America, in New York City, and my family moved to the Chicago suburbs when I was three, where I grew up. Those areas have social norms and customs that I had to learn in order to become a part of those communities.
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