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Autism in Real Life A Mother's Journey: Hoping, Coping & Succeeding

Aug 16, 2012 -- 8:57 pm
by Kymberly Grosso
Last night, my 8th grader successfully participated in his middle school's musical production. This was the third year that he was in the musical, but for the first time, he had a speaking role. I cried the first night, feeling so grateful that my son had this extraordinary opportunity. I never take his accomplishments for granted; he worked so hard to get where he is. I was also thankful that my son has many great teachers who get autism and who know how to help include our special needs kids in academics and extracurricular activities.
Three years ago when we began our transition meetings, I lamented over every little decision, afraid of what loomed in middle school. Let's face it, for many of us who do not have autism, we have mixed memories of that tumultuous time in our young lives. Therefore, as a parent, even when we have a neurotypical child, it can often be nerve-wracking transitioning from grade to grade, let alone from elementary to middle school.

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