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Teaching students about Bullying

Oct 24, 2011 -- 1:25 pm
There are many resources available for teaching students about bullying and how to handle bullying. One resource is No Fishing Allowed: “Reel” in Bullying by Carol Gray and Judy Williams. It is available from our lending library. Please contact Jen Houser if you are interested in this resource ( Books with bullying as a topic for students are becoming more widely available. Some titles include: Bullies are a Pain in the Brain; Oliver Button is a Sissy; The Hundred Dresses; Bully on the Bus; Pinky and Rex and the Bully; My Secret Bully; Nobody Knew What to Do: A Story About Bullying; Simon’s Hook: A Story About Teases and Downs; Finding the Green Stone. Some of these can be found at

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