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Using Positive Behavior Approaches

Aug 30, 2012 -- 4:07 pm
How One School Changed its Focus -- and its Students' Lives

Dr. Michael George, longtime CEC member, former president of CEC's Council for Children with Behavior Disorders (CCBD), and currently director of the Centennial School of Lehigh University, testified recently at a U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee hearing, "Beyond Seclusion and Restraint: Creating Positive Learning Environments for All Students" (see Policy In Action section of CEC Today). 

CEC Today talked with Dr. George about the benefits of using positive behavior approaches, and how he and his leadership team not only changed the environment at Centennial School, but dramatically reduced the use of restraint and seclusion practices.

CEC Today: First of all, tell us a little more about Centennial School.

Dr. George: Centennial School is an Approved Private School, funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and governed by Lehigh University, which serves children and youth classified with emotional disturbance and autism as defined under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). As an alternative to public school education, it is one of more than 10,000 alternative schools in the country. To read the entire article, please click:

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