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September Newsletter!! 10 Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right

Sep 05, 2012 -- 7:39 am
10 Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right
by Lindy McDaniel
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Hays, KS
Regional Consultant for TASN Autism & Tertiary Behavior Supports
1. Get Organized- Create a prioritized to do list for
yourself and your paras AND STICK TO IT! Have a to
do tub for staff to go to if and when they have a
free moment. Place things that need to be done
first on top, with instructions of how to do them so
you won't be interrupted with questions when you
are working with students.
2. Maximize your Space. . . Declutter- Sort through
and organize your classroom so that needed
supplies are out and easily accessible, while other
items are put away in an organized fashion. Label
containers and cabinet doors with what is inside so
staff can find things quickly. Color code items by
grade level, subject or individual student.
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