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DSM Autism Update May Have Little Impact, Study Finds

Oct 02, 2012 -- 2:57 pm
October 2, 2012
In the largest study yet examining proposed changes to the autism diagnosis, researchers say far fewer people would be cut from the spectrum than previous studies have suggested.
Major changes to the autism diagnosis are expected in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, slated for publication in May 2013. The proposal has brought widespread concern in the autism community after a study earlier this year suggested that a significant number of people currently diagnosed with autism may not qualify under the new definition.
Now, a new study suggests that those fears may be largely unwarranted. Researchers examined records for 4,453 children currently diagnosed with autism under the DSM-IV criteria to determine how they would fare under the proposed changes. They found that 91 percent of the kids would still qualify for an autism diagnosis, according to the study published Monday in The American Journal of Psychiatry. To read the entire story, please click:

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