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My Video Schedule App featured at a GREAT price!!!

Nov 16, 2011 -- 7:51 pm
****Special price!!*****

The SALE price of 9.99 is the LOWEST price this 54.99 app is only good for the week!

Direct link to purchase this app:

For more information of My Video Schedule, please visit:

My Video Schedule© is a teacher created individualized customizable app that combines video modeling within a structured schedule while providing positive reinforcement for individuals with autism.

Benefits of My Video Schedule© can include:

· Structure and consistency within daily life

· Acquisition of daily living skills

· User becomes more independent

· Smooth transitions from activity to activity

· Ease anxiety of the unexpected

· Motivation built in and customized to individual interest

· Caregiver saves time and effort

Components of My Video Schedule© include:

Videos were created utilizing task analysis, which breaks down the activity step by step. Videos include text and speech output.

· Ability to customize and pre-arrange all events in a schedule by day, week and month

· Ability to upload your own photos and videos with ease

· Access to an expanding library of 100+ videos which include:

-personal care

· Access to an expanding library of 150+ high quality photos in the same areas as above as well as a variety of choices

· Ability to customize reinforcement and breaks to the interests of the user

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