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Reducing the Impact of Holiday Hustle and Bustle

Nov 01, 2012 -- 12:37 pm
November's Monthly Newsletter is Here! Topic: Reducing the Impact of Holiday Hustle and Bustle by Lori Chambers

November marks the beginning of the holiday season and the end of our routine as we know it. As a self- proclaimed Holidayholic, even I will admit that the Grinch may have had a point when he said, "Pooh- pooh to the Whos". Surviving the holidays is a little like getting through an elective surgical procedure. The air is chilly. There are frequent unidentifiable smells and people you don't even know smile at you. You inevitably find yourself dressed in something you wouldn't be caught dead in at any other time. While knowing it is "for the best", you are still not quite sure how you will pay for the whole thing. In the end, you are left dazed and in need of rest. For most, there is a certain amount of stress to be found in the midst of the holiday celebration. Our students are not immune. The hustle and bustle of the season can result in disrupted routines, both at home and school. Out of sync schedules result in out of sync kids. Any changes, even the most joyful ones, can trigger an increase in anxiety. Here are a few tips for maintaining classroom cheer and decreasing the likelihood of abominable meltdowns:

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