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An exploration of sensory and movement differences from the perspective of individuals with autism

Nov 26, 2012 -- 1:23 pm
By: Jodi Robledo, Anne M. Donnellan and Karen Strandt-Conroy

Parents, teachers, and people who themselves experience sensory and movement differences have consistently reported disturbances of sensation and movement associated with autism. Our review of the literature has revealed both historical and recent references to and research about sensory and movement difference characteristics and symptoms for individuals with autism. What is notably infrequent in this literature, however, is research that highlights the perspective of the individual with autism. If we wish to truly understand the experience of sensory and movement differences for individuals with autism, we must explore their experiences and perspectives. This study presents a qualitative analysis of more than 40 h in-depth inquiry into the lives of five individuals with the autism label. To read the entire article, please click:

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