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In Shooting’s Aftermath, Autism Backlash Feared

Dec 21, 2012 -- 2:27 pm

December 21, 2012
Among the lingering effects of the deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn. could be a host of misconceptions about autism and that has many touched by the developmental disorder worried.
Autism advocacy groups are reporting dramatic spikes in calls, emails and website visits a week after 26 people were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The gunman in the case, Adam Lanza, 20, was reportedly diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.
Citing several studies on the disorder, experts say that autism is in no way linked to the type of planned violence Lanza displayed. But a slew of media outlets in the initial aftermath of the shooting suggested otherwise. Now advocates are concerned that the impact of the misleading reports could be a lasting one. To read the entire article please click:

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