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Tool to Assess Instructional Context as it Relates to Persons with ASD

Jan 02, 2013 -- 10:17 am
Enhancing Instructional Contexts for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (EIC-ASD) represents a collaborative effort between Georgia State University and the Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS). The rubric in the tool provides a framework for assessing the ability of instructional contexts to support students who have ASD. Research defines best practices for students with ASD and these are reflected in the EIC-ASD. The tool is based on common strengths and core deficits among individuals with ASD and is designed to be used across age and ability levels in a variety of instructional settings.

The EIC-ASD can be used to:

Identify best practices in place for students with ASD
Identify elements that need to be addressed to improve instructional contexts
to complete the online module or to download a text version of the information please click:

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