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Families Deeply Impacted By Autism Aggression, Study Finds

Jan 23, 2013 -- 1:10 pm
Families Deeply Impacted By Autism Aggression, Study Finds
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Though aggression is not typical of everyone with autism, new research suggests that it affects many with the developmental disorder and brings significant and often lifelong challenges.
In a study out of Canada, researchers followed 15 families of male children and young adults with varying levels of autism. Of the study participants, nine families said that aggression is an issue they face.
In-depth interviews were conducted with caregivers in the families that cited aggression. Researchers also conducted home visits with eight of the families, but the ninth declined indicating that they were “pretty embarrassed” about their “damaged house.”
Overall, researchers found that families dealing with aggressive behavior struggled with social isolation, concerns about the safety of people and property, lack of respite care and limited professional supports as well as the added expense of repairs and home modifications. What’s more, the families were concerned about being able to find alternate housing for their child with autism as they aged, according to the study published online this month in the journal Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities.
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