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iPads bring students with disabilities new ways to participate, excel in education

Aug 15, 2013 -- 12:25 pm
Monitor staff
Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Using an iPad, blind students can now translate written words to verbal with one touch; students with dyslexia or other reading disorders can complete work using only their voice; and students with autism can find alternative ways to express their thoughts and feelings.

These are just a few reasons why Therese Willkomm, an expert in adaptive technology, thinks that when it comes to expanding educational opportunities for students with disabilities, the iPad is the best tool that’s ever been created.

“It does everything – it’s a memory device, it’s a reading device, it’s a computer device, so it has more accessible features and capabilities for people with disabilities than any other device we have ever been exposed to,” said Willkomm, a clinical professor with Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, a program within UNH’s Institute on Disability.

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