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Autism diagnosis more difficult to make in Hispanic children, say pediatricians Comment / Shares/ Tweets/Stumble/EmailMore + Hi

Aug 20, 2013 -- 1:04 pm
Hispanic children are less likely to get diagnosed with autism than other children, according to new research.

Even if they do get the proper diagnosis, medical professionals likely discover the problem years later than their counterparts.

Doctors are reporting in the Aug. 19 issue of Pediatrics that pediatricians who were surveyed cite language or cultural barriers to identifying autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Hispanic children as reasons for the gaps in care.

"Latino children are diagnosed with (autism spectrum disorders) at low rates, and this investigation found several provider-related factors that might explain these disparities," wrote the researchers, led by Dr. Katherine E. Zuckerman, a pediatrician at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.
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