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Great Resource! Data Collection in Autism: Taking Data in Naturalistic Settings (Freebie!)

Sep 23, 2013 -- 12:48 pm
In my last post, I talked about some of the considerations of taking data and how much data is enough. Data, like most things in teaching, has to be individualized depending on the skills being taught, how they are being taught, and what works in the setting. Less data taken reliably is better than more data taken haphazardly. And like many things in autism, good data collection is all about setting up systems. So, I thought I would talk a little more about the data sheet I shared in the last post and two ways I use it in the classroom.

I talked about (and shared) this data sheet in the last post, but I wanted to give you some more detail about how I use it. If I have a student who is primarily included or who is the only student I'm tracking in many environments (even if much of his or her time is in resource), I will use the data sheet to track that student's behavior across settings. That data sheet might look like this:

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