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Kansas Dad Says Bullying Led To Autistic Son's Suicide

Oct 10, 2013 -- 7:21 am
INDEPENDENCE, Kansas - A Kansas community is grieving the loss of a 16-year-old autistic boy. Maxwell Webb took his own life this week.
He didn't leave a note, but his parents said the suicide was fueled by bullying. His father, Zach, said the mistreatment wasn't addressed by the school's administration and was the major factor out of several that led to Maxwell's death.

Maxwell made an impression on his hometown of Independence, Kansas.

"You could spot him a mile away," said Zach Webb, Maxwell's dad.

"He was a super kid, he was loved all over this town," said former Independence school custodian, Perry Brayman.

"As a small town and the way his personality was, everybody knew Max," Webb said.

Of course, his dad knew Maxwell best.

"Max was 16 years old. Since he was young, we knew he was high-functioning autistic," said Webb.

His dad said Maxwell was brilliant. He loved science, technology, astrology animals, plants and people.

"All things living that needed any help, that's just the way Max was," Webb said.

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