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Quick Feature Matching Checklist For iPad Apps

Oct 16, 2013 -- 12:30 am
What app should I use? How does a family member, teacher or therapist decide what apps to use with their child or student?

There is an overwhelming flood of information, in the media today. Every app claims to have the features that are perfect for your child or student with autism. The reality of it is there are hundreds of thousands of apps available and hundreds of apps just for communication and not all apps are great, good or even beneficial to every student. There is no “try before you buy” opportunity and purchases can be frustrating with time and money being frittered while deciding if the app is a fit or not.

We must first consider what features will give us the best “fit” for our student(s). In an effort to help select or rule-out a particular app a Feature Matching Checklist has been designed with the user in mind. It is quick, easy and includes the features that are important to children & students on the spectrum.

By using the Feature Matching Checklist you can effectually wade through your choices to find the most suitable apps.

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