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Two Part Webinar Series: ASD & Literacy

Nov 04, 2014 -- 1:41 pm
Join us on November 12 & 13 for a two-part webinar series on ASD & Literacy, Presented by Pam Williamson Ph.D. & Christina Carnahan, Ed.D.

This webinar will be offered at two times on the scheduled dates.
Join us at 3:00pm - 3:45pm CST or 4:00pm - 4:45pm CST

Part 1: The Intersection of Cognition and Literacy
Presented on November 12 by Dr. Christina Carnahan Ed.D in collaboration with Dr. Pam Williamson Ph.D.

Part 2: Assessing the Communication and Literacy Needs
Presented on November 13 by Dr. Pam Williamson Ph.D. in collaboration with Dr. Christina Carnahan Ed.D

Who should attend: Administrators, General Education Teachers, Specialist Teachers (PE, Music, Art, Computer) Family Members, Paraprofessionals, Special Education Professionals, and Related Service Providers

To register go to Select Calendar and search by date. Click on Survey Monkey link to complete registration for each webinar (you will need to register for both days).

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