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Universal Design for Learning By CAST

Dec 16, 2011 -- 11:26 am
What is the UDL Training Guide Toolkit?

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum design that fosters access to learning for everyone. Based in research about the learning brain and the development of new digital media, UDL helps identify and remove barriers from teaching methods and curriculum materials, enabling each student to engage with learning and to progress. UDL addresses each learner's unique needs, background and interests by supporting customized methods, materials, and assessments.

The UDL Toolkit is designed to support professional development providers and other educators conducting workshops in Universal Design for Learning by providing resources for face-to-face training sessions and ongoing follow-up support. The toolkit includes background and core UDL concepts, examples of UDL applied in classrooms, and guidance and tools for understanding and applying UDL in practice. The toolkit contains slides and guidance for providing interactive training sessions in UDL, including tools, templates, and resources that can be used online or downloaded, and links to other educators engaged in UDL work.

To get the most out of the UDL Toolkit, read "Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age", the foundation text on Universal Design for Learning and log into MY TES to use interactive tools and to save, revise, and share your work. For more information please click

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