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Navigating College

Dec 28, 2011 -- 9:09 pm
This book is written for current and future Autistic college students. In our society, the words autism and college often seem not to go well together. When I was going through high school, I frequently had to argue with my school special education system about what I could expect after I graduated. I saw college in my future they were much less sure. Although my parents were a lot more supportive, they had a lot of anxiety about my moving to another state to attend school. Some of you may have gone through similar experiences growing up. Others may have had the opposite experience, trying to deal with school systems and family members who do not accept your need for accommodations or even the fact that you are Autistic at all. No matter what kind of expectations you faced before going to college, the
likelihood is that you will be attending a campus that has not given a great deal of thought to the idea that people like us are going to be a part of it. To downed this pdf, click the download button below.

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