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Dental Apps for iPhones & iPads

Jan 19, 2012 -- 5:29 pm
In celebration of February Children's Dental Health Month, Oral Health Kansas is featuring one of the newest communication and educational tools.

Dental apps for smart phones are tools families and educators can use to communicate with young people about good oral health practices. Here are four of our favorite for iPhones and iPads that teach children about dental care, answer parents questions, and in one case, focus on tools for people with autism.

A favorite is Pediatric Dental Expert. This free app provides reliable, useful and fun information for families and kids.

The app, My Healthy Smile, was developed with funding from Delta Dental of Minnesota. OHK is promoting this as a useful tool, not making a recommendation to purchase it without the buyer studying it more closely at this website.

Thanks to Deann Mason, RDH, who conducted the original research as a student at Wichita State University and to Blake Bryant, Oral Health Kansas Communication Intern from Washburn University, for his recommendations.

For more information, please contact Marcia Manter,

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