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Young adults with autism face barriers

Feb 06, 2012 -- 8:48 pm
From ABC News: The transition into adulthood is especially challenging for teens with autism.
Families with autistic children have to spend years finding the right education and therapy programs that best fit their child's needs.
Many need to figure out what to do when they reach the age of 22 and the school bus stops coming.
The Jorwic's 22-year-old-son Chris is autistic.
"He was up to the age 2 and everything was going about 100 percent correctly, maybe a little bit slow on walking, but he was always the big kid," said his mother Therese Jorwic. "He actually had about 100 words, was very interactive, and at about age 2, everything shutdown slowly. He kind of started getting into his own world and everything in terms of talking and everything else just kind of fell away slowly."
The family knew that when Chris turned 22, they had to start making future plans. To read this entire article, please click:

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