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Feb 14, 2012 -- 4:34 pm
From the International Journal of Special Education Vol 22, No 3, 2007:
"In most elementary classrooms, students with autistic characteristics are too often dismissed from the literate community (Kliewer, 1998). The autistic child is frequently asked to practice memorizing sight words while classmates are introduced to literature. Kluth & Darmody-Latham (2003) maintain that as autistic children are increasingly being taught in general education classrooms, they are often excluded from rich and meaningful literacy experiences like storytelling, play-acting, journal-keeping, and writing workshop. In fact, the authors also state that it is not unusual for students with autism in these classrooms to follow a different curriculum than the one offered to their classmates (Kluth, 1998)."
Ten Ways to Improve the Reading Achievement of Children with Autism
1. Create and plan active, authentic, directed, structured visual and purposeful instruction for children with autism.
2. Create a mindset that autistic students “can learn.”
3. Spark Enthusiasm for learning when teaching reading to the autistic child.
4. Teaching reading skills to students with autism should be based on their interests and prior knowledge.
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