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Sensory Integration: Tips to Consider

Feb 14, 2012 -- 7:16 pm
Sensory Integration: Tips to Consider

From the Indiana Resource Center For Autism

Sensory processing is the procedure in which we take in sensory messages from our bodies and surroundings. Then we interpret these messages and organize our purposeful responses. This occurs when information about sensations is passed back and forth between the central nervous system (CNS) and nerves in the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system with the nerves that are outside the CNS(Kranowitz, 2004). Sensory intake is happening constantly to each of us as we move through our daily endeavors and we respond accordingly. We receive all input through our senses, via seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching and through our body centered senses of touch (tactile/protective), movement and gravity (vestibular), and body position (proprioceptive). Each sense acts individually and in union with the others to send us information about our environments and our body in each environment.
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