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After the Diagnosis By Carin Yavorcik

Feb 15, 2012 -- 2:18 pm
From the Autism Society and Carin Yavorcik:
You may be traveling a different path than
you expected.
You wondered during pregnancy if your child would play baseball, if
he'd be good at math, whom he would marry and where he would
go to college. Now you wonder how to meet your child's needs and who will be there to offer support after you're gone.
You may face feelings of guilt, isolation, confusion and anger.
And on top of a myriad of doctors' visits, technological jargon, labels and a mountain of information to process, you need to learn quickly to navigate a com- plicated system to figure out what services and treatments your child needs, and how to get them. Where information on autism was once nearly nonexistent, today you can Google the word and get more than
18 million hits. How can you sort good information from misinformation or just plain bad information? Where do you even begin?
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