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Study: Many Adults With Disabilities Do Nothing All Day

Feb 17, 2012 -- 7:36 pm
A significant number of adults with developmental disabilities have no regular, daily activities, a situation that’s symptomatic of larger problems, new research indicates.
The finding comes from a survey of nearly 800 siblings of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities from across the country. In nearly 13 percent of cases, siblings reported that their brothers and sisters with disabilities were not involved in any sort of routine vocational or educational activities.
And the number is likely higher than that, researchers said, noting that based on how they solicited responses to their survey, participants likely tended to be higher earners and more educated than the population as whole.
Overall, those with nothing to do tended to be individuals with more emotional, behavioral or health problems and lower functioning abilities, according to the study published recently in the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
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