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Social Narratives

It is our goal to develop a bank of Social Narratives for professionals to draw from. Please contribute to the bank, it will help not only students but your fellow professionals as well! To contribute, please email your submission to Some of the narratives use icons from Mayer-Johnson LLC. The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2007 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission. Boardmaker™ is a trademark of Mayer-Johnson LLC.

Social Narratives are stories developed to provide learners with insight into social situations. The narrative emphasizes the significant social cues of given social situations. The story provides the learner with examples of appropriate social responses. The value of the social narrative is that they allow educators to pre-teach social situations and provide learners with strategies to respond to those situations. The narrative must be individualized to the learner’s needs and interests. Gray (1993; 1995), has identified 6 sentence types (descriptive, directive, perspective, affirmative, control, and cooperative) to construct a social narrative. The Social Narrative Bank provides users with a number of social stories to choose from. The narratives in the bank are in many different formats: Microsoft Powerpoint, Boardmaker, Microsoft Word and PDF. Feel free to use the narratives as they are presented or to individualize according to student need. The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC) has identified Social Narratives as an Evidenced Based Practice. To download the NPDC’s Brief Package on Social Narratives please go to:

SkillSpecial InterestAge RangeFile Format
Airplane Trip9-18 yearsPDF
Airports9-18 yearsPDF
Angry in School8+ yearsPowerpoint
Answering QuestionsThomas the Tank3-7 yearsWord
Appropriate Touching4+ yearsWord
AR Book MarksWay Cool!!6+ yearsWord
Asking Questions in ClassNone9-18 yearsWord
Awards Assembly9-18 yearsPDF
Being a Good Student10-18 yearsPDF
Bike Rules6-upPDF
Blue has MailBlue5-9 yearsPowerpoint
Bus Version I Go to Preschool3+ yearsPowerpoint
Calling Out During Math Test8+ yearsPowerpoint
Calming DownNone9-18 yearsWord
Car Version I Go to Preschool3+ yearsPowerpoint
Christmas6-18 yearsWord
Circle Story3+ yearsPowerpoint
Class Job5-10 yearsWord
Crossing the Street9-18 yearsPDF
Daily Information SheetVisual Bridge7+ yearsBoardmaker(TM)
Daily Information SheetVisual Bridge7+ yearsPDF
Dora sharing story4+ yearsPowerpoint
Elmo PottySocial Narrative, Reinforcement Chart2.5+ yearsWord
Email Rules at SchoolNone12-18 yearsWord
Emailing During Computer ClassNone12-18 yearsWord
Emotions Book-Sick6+ yearsWord
Expected BehaviorDora5-11 yearsPowerpoint
Feeling Faces Black White6+ yearsPowerpoint
Feelings17-18 yearsPDF
Feelings27-18 yearsPDF
Field DayNone5-11 yearsPowerpoint
Fire Alarm5-18 yearsWord
Fire drill storiesbefore drill and take home7+ yearsPowerpoint
Follow rulesAnimalsPreK-5thBoardmaker(TM)
Following The RulesBob the Builder3-8 yearsPowerpoint
Following The RulesStephanie3-8 yearsPowerpoint
Following the RulesNone9-18 yearsWord
Going Bowling7-18 yearsPDF
Going to School6-18 yearsPDF
Going to the Movies8-18 yearsPDF
Good Student10-18 yearsPDF
Goodbye IBI6+ yearsWord
GreetingDora the Explorer3-7 yearsPowerpoint
Greeting Adults8-18 yearsPDF
Greeting FriendsThomas the Tank3-7 yearsWord
Greeting Others6-18 yearsPDF
Hands Down Book6+ yearsPowerpoint
Having a Good Day10-18 yearsPDF
Hi in the hallway6-18 yearsPDF
Hi in the hallway6-18 yearsBoardmaker(TM)
How Am I Doing?10-18 yearsPDF
How Do I Deal With Winning or Losing8+ yearsPowerpoint
How Luke Skywalker Handles Anger6+ yearsWord
I am going to fly on an airplane7+ yearsPowerpoint
I Can Potty3+ yearsPowerpoint
I Can Use My Words5+ yearsPowerpoint
I Have Many TeachersNone9-18 yearsWord
I Like to Run6+ yearsPowerpoint
If, Then Safety8-18 yearsPDF
Independent WorkNone8-14 yearsPowerpoint
Intro to Kickball with a friend6+ yearsWord
Itchy Bodies are Private9+ yearsPowerpoint
Lego Land Learners5-9 yearsPowerpoint
Line Leader5-10 yearsBoardmaker(TM)
Line leader5-10 yearsPDF
Locked DoorsNone12-18 yearsWord
Making Good ChoiceAutobots6-8 yearsWord
Making Good ChoicesWWE6-12 yearsWord
Making Others Feel GoodThomas the Tank3-7 yearsWord
Miniature Golf7-18 yearsPDF
Mom Goes to the Hospital6-18 yearsPDF
Movie Outing7+ yearsPDF
Movie Outing7+ yearsBoardmaker(TM)
My Accidents Happen Story8+ yearsPowerpoint
My Dino-mite Jobs at School5-9 yearsPowerpoint
My Friend with Autism6+ yearsPowerpoint
My Making Friends Story6+ yearsPowerpoint
My Thinking Side8+ yearsPowerpoint
New SchoolNone5-11 yearsPowerpoint
Not too CloseNone9-18 yearsWord
Office Work12-18 yearsPDF
Parking Lot Safety5-upPDF
Personal Space8-18 yearsPDF
Play Dates5-9 yearsPDF
Playing Games8-15 yearsPDF
Poop Goes In The Toilet4+ yearsWord
Positive vs Negative Thought12+ yearsPDF
Positive vs Negative Thought12+ yearsBoardmaker(TM)
Praying Mantis is quiet in the hallstory 2 camouflage6+ yearsPowerpoint
Praying Mantis is quiet in the hall6+ yearsPowerpoint
Problem solving book7+ yearsPowerpoint
Rainy Day8+ yearsPowerpoint
Raising Hand Visual Support10-18 yearsPDF
Recess5-10 yearsPDF
Recess Buddies5-10 yearsPDF
Restroom - ironman6+ yearsWord
Riding the Bus to School5-18 yearsWord
Riding the Bus to School5-18 yearsPDF
Saying HiNone5-11 yearsPowerpoint
Science is Really Cool9+ yearsWord
Seatwork7-12 yearsPDF
Sharing the Remote6-18 yearsPDF
Smooth Wrestling Reader9-12 yearsPowerpoint
Social GroupNone5-11 yearsPowerpoint
Sometimes I Poop3+ yearsWord
Sometimes My Brain Gets Nervous8+ yearsWord
Sometimes Teachers Change8+ yearsPowerpoint
Sometimes Things Go WrongThomas4+ yearsWord
Song Card Visual Support3-6 yearsPDF
Speaking out6+ yearsPowerpoint
Speedy Car5-9 yearsPowerpoint
Stay With Your Family3-7 yearsPDF
Staying on topic Activity10-18 yearsPDF
Students Have Desks in Classrooms6+ yearsWord
Table Work8-18 yearsPDF
Taking A Break10-18 yearsPDF
Talking to Friends5+ yearsPowerpoint
Talking to My Friends6-18 yearsBoardmaker(TM)
The Consequences of Hitting and Pushing10+ yearsWord
The Flash (PE)6+ yearsWord
The Jonas Brothers Get Their Own Lunch Trays10+ yearsPowerpoint
The Power Rangers are Big and Strong6+ yearsWord
Time to Relax8-18 yearsPDF
Toothbrushing in Pictures5-18 yearsPDF
Tornado drill8+ yearsPowerpoint
Trip to the Farm6-12 yearsPDF
Turtle feels upset5+ yearsPowerpoint
Unicorn Etiquette8-12 yearsPowerpoint
Using Public Restrooms8-18 yearsPDF
Vacation6-18 yearsPDF
Volcano Buddies9-12 yearsPowerpoint
Washing My Hands5+ yearsPowerpoint
Washing My Hands5+ yearsPowerpoint
Washing my hands is important!8+ yearsPowerpoint
Wasting Time8+ yearsWord
We Work When It Rains8+ yearsPowerpoint
Wet and Dry4+ yearsWord
Whole Body Listening Social Story Activity6-18 yearsPDF
Work MapBehavior Map8+ yearsWord
Working Quietly6-18 yearsPDF