Classroom Support Materials

Visual Supports

TitleDescriptionFile Name
AR Reward Chart Template and ExampleLori Chambers developed this AR Reward Chart, please feel free to down...[read more]AR reward chart template and example.doc
Clean-Up Day in Boardmaker 6.0Katie Wheeler's Community Clean-up Day visual support in Boardmaker 6....[read more]Clean up day.bm2
Clean-Up Day in PDFHere is another terrific visual support developed by Katie Wheeler. Th...[read more]Clean up day.pdf
Conversation StartersPrint this page, cut the conversation starters apart and then include ...[read more]Conversation Starters.pdf
Examples of Visual Supports provided these examples of visual supports. Make s...[read more]Examples of Visual Supports 1.doc
John Deere Penny ChartKatie sent in another terrific visual support. Here is a John Deere pe...[read more]John Deere Penny Board.pdf
John Deere Penny Chart (Boardmaker)Here is Katie's John Deere Penny Chart in Boardmaker format. Click on ...[read more]John Deere Penny Board.bm2
Pumpkin, another example of a visual recipe....[read more]Pumpkin pie_1.doc
Shoe Tying in BoardmakerThis is the link to the shoe tying sequence developed by Katie Wheeler...[read more]shoe tying sequence.bm2
Shoe Tying in PDFKatie Wheeler shared this shoe tying sequence visual support. This fil...[read more]shoe tying sequence.pdf
Spiderman ChartHere is another reinforcement chart sent in by Katie Wheeler. (PDF) Cl...[read more]Spiderman Penny Board.pdf
Spiderman Reinforcement ChartKarie Wheeler sent in the Spiderman chart in Boardmaker format as well...[read more]Spiderman Penny Board.bm2
Trail Mix Visual, a visual recipe for making trail mix....[read more]trail mix_1.doc